Give Your Games Extra Life

I started Games Art Rescue because I wanted to provide a service for people who are making smaller games who want to hire a games artist without fuss. You know what you want your game to look like, maybe you even already have some rough “programmer art” or a few pieces from premade asset packs, or some filler art in the form of sprite rips or similar. All you need is just somebody who will fill in the gaps with original, finished, polished art assets to your criteria.

That’s where we come in.

We fill in the gaps. No job too small. For those times when your artist left the project partway through, or when you have this great pack you bought off the Unity Asset store but it’s missing some key objects you need, or your little games jam piece with rough and ready art you made yourself was a surprising success and you want to polish it up for sales. We’ve got your back.