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3D Character Modelling & Rigging

We have the software and know-how to help you fill your game with 3D character models. We can work in a range of styles, from painted texture low poly up to sculpted detail and realistic textures ready for PBR rendering. We can have them rigged up and with topology to suit your poly budget.

2D Character Art & Animation

Need to populate your world with lively characters? We can create 2D spritesheets for still portraits or avatars, frame by frame animation or set up characters in Spriter, Anima 2D or live 2D, or provide the assets for your animator to do the rest.

3D Environment Modelling

Your 3D world needs assets; buildings, trees, rocks, even decals like paintings, adverts and graffiti. We can help build a world, or add bespoke assets to inject a little more character into what you already have.

2D Environment & Assets

We can paint or draw richly detailed 2D backgrounds or create seamless tilesets in whatever style your game needs. Ideal for Visual Novels, Puzzle games, platformers and small mobile titles.

Concept and Art Direction

We can help design the look and feel of your world or the characters who inhabit it based on your vision and guidance. Great art direction can make even a tiny budget go a long way!

Game UI design

We can design and create wireframe layouts, flow-diagrams and game-ready assets for your game’s interface to ensure your player has a great experience when interacting with your game. Banish boring grey boxes and let us create exciting unique menus, buttons and text boxes that fit into your game’s look and feel.



Oz Chicken Slayer

Oz the Chicken slayer is a VR shooter game that I was involved in making. I worked on a variety of visual assets including UI, 3D models, 2D illustration for promotional art and video, and particle effects.

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I was brought in to fix I worked on adding polish and content to the 2D platform game Lily, for the Android platform. Most notably designing new UI complement the Digital painted style.

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1st November 2017

Let’s Make a 2D Game Character!

  I’ve learned some new tricks and needed to update my portfolio to show them off, but due to NDAs I can’t show a lot of stuff I’ve done, so…

Games Design
28th September 2017

Ars Harmonia Concept Art

I did pretty much all the art for this game, and I wanted to share some character designs as production art I did for it because we worked really hard…

28th September 2017

Time to tackle PBR

PBR! It’s short for: Physical Based Rendering!  It’s important and if you’re planning on going into games, you need to start learning about it because it’s going to dominate the industry very…